UpRoot Clean SPECIAL OFFER Uproot Deshedder

UpRoot Clean SPECIAL OFFER Uproot Deshedder

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Uproot Deshedder™

The Uproot Clean Deshedder™ is an exceptional grooming tool tailored for medium and long-haired pets, guaranteeing a gentle yet effective grooming experience. This easy-to-use dog deshedder is specially designed to cater to various coat types, making it suitable for pets with long coats, double coats, and wiry coats. While it’s also ideal as a cat deshedder, you can use it to groom bunnies and horses, making it a versatile tool for various animal companions.

What’s Included

1x Uproot Deshedder


The Uproot Clean Deshedder™ features precision blades, offering unparalleled comfort during grooming sessions. The blades are meticulously engineered to strike the ideal balance between effectiveness and your pet's well-being. They effortlessly glide through your pet’s coat, gently removing loose hair without causing any irritation or discomfort.


6 x 7 x .75 inches


5 Oz


ABS & Metal Alloy. 

Cleaning Instructions

After use, here are the best ways to clean the tool

  • Shake the tool to release loosely coupled hair/lint
  • Then
    • Wipe down the hair/lint with a napkin/paper towel or
    • Hold it under running water for 15-20 seconds


Do NOT use on knitted fabrics