REATHLETE SPECIAL OFFER HEALR Leg Massager: Calf Massager and Foot Massager

REATHLETE SPECIAL OFFER HEALR Leg Massager: Calf Massager and Foot Massager

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 HEALR Leg Massager: Calf Massager and Foot Massager | Sequential Compression Device Combined with Cold and Heat Therapy for Circulation Improvement | New Sleeve Design | Calf and Foot Pain Relief | Digital Controller & Bag

  • Features:
  1. DISCOVER THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF TRIPLE THERAPY! In HEALR, we combined leg compression massager with air; it’s a foot massager with heat to treat muscle soreness and fatigue; and it has the cold therapy function (special gel pads are included in the set) to deal with acute pain.
  2. HEAL AND ENJOY! Your REATHLETE leg massager is your way to both indulge in comfort and relaxation and contribute to the healthiness of your body.
  3. COOL DOWN THE PAIN! This calves and feet massager uniquely features cold therapy on top of the leg compression and heat functions.
  4. SMART-CONTROL YOUR MASSAGE. This muscle massager has an intuitive remote, so you can either rely on one of the three auto-modes or play with the settings to find the mode that you like best and to modify your massage any time
  5. UNIVERSAL AND LONG-LASTING. With adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners and zipper, this leg and foot massager fits most sizes.


  • Benefits:

Decreased soreness

Improved mobility

Reduced inflammation

Improved relaxation

Overall leg therapy

Pain relief

Stress relief

Reduced blood pressure

Increased blood flow

Improved muscle recovery

  • Product Dimensions

Foot- 25CM, circumference: 20"

Calves- 42CM, circumference: up to 18"


  • Package include:

1 Remote control

2 leg sleeves

1 carrying case

1 AC adapter

1 color box package

8 x cooling gel pads


  • How to use:
  1. Take a seated position and step into the boots of your massager. Note that the sleeves are marked L and R for Left and Right to indicate the foot placement.
  2. Secure the position of your feet by closing the zippers, and your calves by pulling the hook & loop straps through the metal rings. Fold the straps down to seal them.
  3. Insert both air pressure connectors into the control unit.
  4. Plug the AC power adapter into the outlet.
  5. To integrate cold therapy capabilities, place pre-cooled gel pads onto the eight internal pockets (positioned according to common injuries).
    For heat therapy only, keep gel pads removed.
  6. Sit comfortably. Do not cross your legs.

To turn the massager ON, press the button for 3s.

Press again to cycle the intensity level: 1 to 4.

To turn the massager OFF, press the button for 3s.