Shower Toga Shower Toga & Shower To-Go Clean Pack

Shower Toga Shower Toga & Shower To-Go Clean Pack

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The world's only waterproof changing garment for changing AND showering anywhere with ease!

Cleaning your body on the go has never been easier

Change, Shower, Dry off and Redress anywhere with ease and privacy! Shower Toga and Shower To-Go users can get clean while boating, bug-out bag, beach, lake, kids sports, camping, hiking, waterpark, deacon, bathing assistance, natural disaster and so much more. You will wonder how you lived without it once you have it!
Kressa and her team are proud to be a female-owned and operated company.  Shower Toga was proudly invented by Kressa Peterson after a breast cancer diagnosis to clean up after her healing outdoor adventures.
Kressa and her family appeared on ABC Shark Tank season 10 and got a deal with Mark Cuban
Shower Toga has a circumference of 66" and fits up to standard sizing XXXL or Womens size 16 and Mens waist size 50". 
If worn around the chest, Shower Toga easily covers anyone up to 6'1 in height. If worn around the waist, Shower Toga will cover any height. 
  • Shower Toga is your very own personal & portable locker room
  • Enjoy privacy in any situation without using awkward, dirty or paid public showers!

  • Does not stick to you-Very comfortable to use

  • Ultra Lightweight, less than 6oz when packed up. Shower Toga fits into any daytime backpack! (It's about the size of an apple!)

  • The Shower To-Go turns any bottle into a water source! Leave it in the sun ☀ and have hot water in no time! Attach to 2 liter recycled bottle-Soda bottles work great (not included) or platypus collapsible camping bottle (not included)

  • Shower Toga is high quality and long lasting. Can last many years with proper use. It's even machine washable. (simply shake to dry)

  • Shower Toga has stealthy reach through openings to wash underneath with ease while still completely covering you!


Change and shower anywhere without a bulky shower tent!

As Seen on Shark Tank 🦈

Includes: 1 Shower Toga & 1 Shower To-Go