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Knee Calf and Thigh Massager | Sequential Compression Device Combined with Heat Therapy | New Sleeve Design SCD Machine for Legs | Muscle Pain Relief Knee, Calf & Feet Massager | Wireless Digital Controller & Carrying Bag
  • Features:
  1. Calf, Knee & Thigh massager: Compression Massage and Heat Therapy- Take advantage of this great combination designed to alleviate soreness and tension in the knee, calf and thigh. This new model is a great choice for faster recovery, better blood circulation, and speedy relaxation.
  2. Intensive Air Compression with a Heat Therapy option- you can wear the XPRESS two ways- on your knee and calf or on your knee and thigh- and choose from four intensity levels to get the compression which is both comfortable and effective, or cycle through all of them. You can also add the necessary amount of heat or use this function independently.
  3. Control unit with LCD Screen- Fully customize your massage to suit your current needs. East-to-use and informative, the attached control unit will let you truly relax regulating not only air compression and heat intensity but also the massage duration. Entrust you knee, calf and thigh to REATHLETE XPRESS for fast and efficient recovery.
  4. Wireless & portable- Travel Bag Included- Delivering wireless massage, XPRESS is easy to carry around and use wherever you want it! With our lightweight travel bag, you can have it with you in the gym, at the office, on a trip, or elsewhere you might need a quality compression massage for fast tension and pain relief in your knee, calf and thigh.
  5. XPRESS is a REATHLETE knee massager doubling up as a calf massager or a thigh massager depending on how you place it on your leg. It is primarily a knee massager with heat and compression: the two functions promote knee pain relief, improve blood flow, and help you prepare for a workout or recover after one. Using leg massagers with compression and heat is also a way to ensure the healthiness of one’s knees in the long run


  • Benefits:
  1. Combination of compression massage + Heat therapy helps increase blood flow to your knees, improving chronic and occasional pain & soreness alike.
  2. Provide natural pain relief
  3. Accelerates recovery
  4. Increased blood flow
  5. Improves mobility
  6. Provides daily relaxation


  • Package Dimension:

 9.5 X 28.5 X 22 CM

  • Package include:

1 Calf, Knee, and Thigh Massager with a Control Unit

1 USB-C Cable

1 carrying case

1 color box package

1 user manual


  • How to use:
  1. Take a seated position and put the device around your calf and knee or around your knee and thigh.
  2. Secure the device by pulling the hook & loop straps through the metal rings. Fold the straps down to seal them.
  3. Activate the device.
  4. Sit comfortably. Do not cross your legs.
  5. Watch the battery indicator and charge the device with the AC power adapter when the battery is low.

  • Heat Therapy:

Heat therapy is invaluable when treating muscle pain or ligament pain. It can ease muscle tension, increase flexibility, and heal damaged tissue by delivering more oxygen and nutrients with the improved blood flow. Press + or - button to adjust between the intensity levels. Please use the reference above to select the massage mode that best suits your needs. You can combine air compression with heat therapy or use one of the functions independently.