REATHLETE Leg Massager AIR-C Heat

REATHLETE Leg Massager AIR-C Heat

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Pro-Grade Compression Massager

The Ultimate Massage Kit by REATHLETE for fast and deep recovery, using personalized compression and targeted percussive therapy. A holistic approach to rejuvenating the body.

  • GET BACK ON YOUR FEET. The leg and foot massager relieve minor muscle aches and pains as it increases the blood flow when you use it. With just 1 hour of daily compression massage, leg function improves, allowing you to perform better every day.
  • 4 AIRBAGS IN 3 ZONES. This is a full leg massager and compression: three intensities and three modes are for minor muscle pain relief. Put it on, use the handheld remote control, sit back, and feel your legs, and relax.
  • FULL MASSAGER LEG COVERAGE. This versatile leg knee massager targets many regions, Relieves minor muscle aches and pain and improves relaxation. The leg massager’s height range is 5’1” to 6’2”: use the included extenders to make sure it fits you.
  • TEMPORARY INCREASES CIRCULATION DURING USE. Leg massagers simulates kneading and stroking of tissues. This leg circulation massager is made with high-quality breathable fabric, too, that is durable and fit for long-term use.
  • A PERFECT GIFT + 1 YEAR EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY. High-quality leg massagers are failproof gifts: give one to someone you like to let them properly relax. Luckily, these leg massager compression sleeves come with the exclusive 1-year warranty.


    1. 3 Massage Modes- Adjust the treatment to your needs. 3 options to choose from.
    2. Upgraded Rip-Stop Fabric- This fabric is strong and rigid to ensure superior compression and better durability for frequent use.
    3. Premium Hook & Loop Fasteners- These high-quality wide fasteners hold better, no matter the pressure, and last longer.
    Product Dimensions

      Foot- 25CM, circumference (with the hook & loop to adjust the size ): 22"

      Calves- 42CM, circumference (with the hook & loop to adjust the size ): up to 25"

      Knee- 8.5CM circumference (with the hook & loop to adjust the size ): up to 25"

      Thighs- 21CM circumference (with the hook & loop to adjust the size ): up to 30"

      This package INCLUDES leg wraps extensions that can make the leg massager fit on anyone's legs, even swollen legs or just natural big size!

      The extension can add 7.5 inches on each side that will fit your whole beloved personal needs!

      Package includes:

        1 Remote control

        2 leg sleeves

        1 carrying case

        1 AC adapter

        1 color box package

        4 extension size pads

        How to use:

        1. Place the massager sleeves on your legs. Keeping your legs flat on the bottom. Note that the sleeves are marked L and R for Left and Right to indicate leg placement.
        2. Use the hook and loop fasteners to secure your foot, calf, and thigh inside the massager. secure your legs tightly.
        3. Insert both air pressure connectors into the control unit.
        4. Plug the AC power adapter into the outlet
        5. sit comfortably. Not recommended to cross legs.

        A deep, relaxing compression therapy session for your whole leg. Hugging the thighs, calves, and feet you’ll experience the rejuvenating properties of the REATHLETE AIR-C Leg Air Massager. Adjust the heat level according to your individual needs and feel the stress leaving your body and the tight muscles loosening up!