Trademark Beauty Mood Starter Kit – 1.25 Inch

Trademark Beauty Mood Starter Kit – 1.25 Inch

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The Mood Interchangeable Iron is a styling tool for the girl on the go with endless options no matter your mood. Featuring an ergonomic handle, it features three attachments to achieve the hair of your dreams in one easy tool—from beachy waves, to defined curls, to tousled texture, it's an all-in-one styling device for a variety of hairstyles. Crafted with ceramic attachments and a digital temperature control function, it offers endless versatility based on preference and style while ensuring the hair is protected. The starter kit includes a heat-protective glove, two sectioning clips and a carrying case. Take the Mood Interchangeable Iron with you wherever you go!

-1.25 inch Barrels; triple barrel, tapered wand and classic curling iron
-Crease-Free Clamp
-Up to 450 Degree Heat
-Dual Voltage
-Digital Dial to Control Temperature
-Velvet Touch Handle
-Extended Cord Length
-Cool Tips for Easy Handling

How To Use


  1. Point tip of tool downward.
  2. Grasp a small section of hair from the ends and wrap around the barrel.
  3. Hold in place for several seconds, until desired wave or curl is achieved.
  4. Release.


  1. Divide hair at the temples and secure the top half out of the way, then divide the bottom half into one-to-two-inch sections to begin styling.
  2. Secure the ends of a section underneath the clamp and roll upwards, wrapping the hair evenly around the barrel.
  3. Hold for a few seconds, then release the clamp.
  4. For loose, wavy curls, tug slightly on the section before allowing it to cool.


  1. Set your Babe Waves to your optimal temperature and allow it to heat
  2. Section your hair into 4-5 inch width sections
  3. Brush through your hair to remove any knots
  4. Hold the Babe Waves at a 45° angle to create elongated waves around the face
  5. Clamp down in 4-inch sections, holding for 3-5 seconds
  6. Fully open the clamp and move down and repeat
  7. Continue steps 3-7 for each sectioned piece
  8. Allow hair to cool and set before brushing or further styling
  9. Add a serum for more defined waves