Make Your Home Serine SPECIAL OFFER Waterproof Mattress Protector featuring 37.5® Technology

Make Your Home Serine SPECIAL OFFER Waterproof Mattress Protector featuring 37.5® Technology

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Life happens, protect your mattress from spills with the Make Your Home Serine™
mattress protector. Serine designed this mattress protector to have a breathable, protective layer that remains soft and comfortable to the touch. Serine partnered with 37.5® Technology because 37.5® works with your body to provide personalized, dynamic thermoregulation, helping to cool you when you’re hot and keep you warm when you’re cold. This layer is also waterproof to help protect your mattress.

Top Brand Selling Features:

  1. Serine is an expert in the home industry. For over 25 years she has sourced worldwide and worked with many manufacturers to develop innovative products, using the feedback she receives from her customers. Her passion for creating products that meet her customers’ needs has inspired her to focus on smart textiles that provide optimal comfort.
  2. The goal of Make Your Home Serine™ is to create harmony between you and your home with unique, environmentally conscious products that bring ease, style and comfort to your life.
  3. Serine’s goal is to create a calm, beautiful space that you can relax and rejuvenate in.

Top Three Product Selling Features:

  • Why you need it – 37.5® Technology reduces the effects of temperature-induced sleep disruptions, leading to longer, more restful sleep. 37.5® Technology increases comfort by helping to manage humidity and body temperature.
  • The Security - The breathable, waterproof mattress protector ensures that life’s mishaps won’t leak through to your mattress. The breathability allows the science-backed technology to perform.
  • The Skirt – The skirt stretches to fit thicker mattresses and is designed with elastic all the way around to hug the mattress snugly.

Secondary Selling Features:

  • 37.5® Technology does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • 37.5® Technology is permanently embedded at the fiber level and will not wash out during laundering. Machine washable for easy care, use light iron if needed, do not steam
  • 37.5® Technology reduces drying time and energy usage when laundered.


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