Travaliere SPECIAL OFFER Jewelry Luggage Clutch - Honey Cognac

Travaliere SPECIAL OFFER Jewelry Luggage Clutch - Honey Cognac

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Where your jewelry always travels first class. 

This sleek yet sophisticated clutch keeps your jewelry safe and within reach, wherever the world may take you. 

Just Roll, Hang, and Go!  Keep your items untangled and protected with an elegantly designed plush interior in these 3 easy steps. 

1. Pull down the jewelry drape: Simply unclasp the clutch and pull down the drape.

2. Place your jewelry pieces inside: Place your necklaces, rings and bracelets inside the compartments.

3. Gently tug the tab : The system will automatically retract keeping your jewelry secure and organized.  

Countless hours were spent on engineering and sourcing the best materials to make the Travaliere a staple accessory for years of use. 

  • 100% Vegan Leather - Made from premium materials the Travaliere has a velvety feel on the inside and the aesthetics of real leather on the outside.  Travel with a clear conscience. 
  • Choose from 3 Classic Colors: Black Noir, Ivory White, and Honey Cognac. 
  • Generous space: The Travaliere's interior system has ample room for necklaces, bracelets, and rings. 

The many conveniences of the Travaliere include: 

  • An engineered jewelry drape that pulls down and locks into place.
  • Easy one handed function - pull down and roll up effortlessly. 
  • Zipper pocket for travel documents, passports, and currency. 
  • Hang on mirror, glass, hooks or hangers - so your jewelry never has to be laid out on counters or tables. 
  • Fits in hotel safes - keeping your valuables secure.
  • Compact and secure during transport. 
  • Beautifully displays your pieces while on travels.


  1. What colors does Travaliere come in? Black Noir, Ivory White, Honey Cognac.
  2. How many pieces of jewelry can I fit inside my Travaliere? The Travaliere has 8 hanging hooks and, depending on the size of the necklaces, several pieces can be hung on each hook, or use one for bulkier necklaces.  The 4-inch deep pockets below the hooks can fit many pairs of earrings, small bracelets, and hair clips.
  3. Does Travaliere come with a suction cup for me to hang it on the bathroom mirror? Yes! Each Travaliere will come with a suction cup to hang on a mirror and the custom circle hook to slide over any clothes hanger. 
  4. Will Travaliere  expand to hold my bulkier necklaces and bracelets? The Travaliere does automatically adjust to accommodate most jewelry that would end up a tangled mess.  For those larger bulkier pieces, like cuff bracelets and large scale statement pieces, we recommend packing those separately.
  5. Do I have to be delicate with the Travaliere to keep my necklaces from tangling? No. Once the Travaliere is rolled up your jewelry will be secure no matter how aggressive the bag handlers are. 
  6. How do I keep my jewelry safe while I’m out on the town? We have designed the Travaliere to fit in all hotel safes, and with it’s easily retractable velvet drape you can have it closed up and locked away in seconds. 
  7. Does the Travaliere hold earrings and bracelets? Yes, even though our main goal was solving the issue with tangled necklaces, we designed the Travaliere with pockets for your earrings and bracelets. 
  8. How does it keep my necklaces from tangling and breaking? Our patented, engineered mechanism rolls your necklaces gently yet firmly around a  10 ½ -inch rod that prevents rolling and tangling.
  9. Is it hard to access my necklaces once I get to my destination? Absolutely not. Simply place the provided suction cup on the bathroom mirror, hang the Travaliere on the hook, and pull down until the hooks are exposed. It’s that easy!
  10. What about my longer necklaces? With deep pockets at the bottom of the velvet drape, your longer necklaces hang on the hooks and drape down into the pockets. 
  11. How large is Traveliere? Travaliere is 5 x 13 ½ inches for easy carry and storage.
  12. How heavy is Travaliere before I add my jewelry? Travaliere weighs just 1lb 12 oz.