Uncaged Ergonomics Ergonomic Adjustable Reading Stand

Uncaged Ergonomics Ergonomic Adjustable Reading Stand

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A truly ergonomic reading stand that’s durable, lightweight, and adjustable in both height and tilt. Perfect for textbooks and studying. Helps you sit up straight, improve your posture, and reduce glare. Read, study, and compute more comfortably everywhere with this adjustable reading stand.

The perfect textbook holder for studying! Use this adjustable reading stand to optimize your posture and comfort when studying at a desk. It elevates textbooks to eye-level so you can sit up straight and focus. The panel tilts to reduce glare and make highlighting easy. This textbook holder has an open spaced bottom that's perfect for notetaking. The wide, spacious platform on this reading stand makes a stable lap desk for studying or reading in bed. Impeccably built with aluminum, this book holder is lightweight, durable, and collapses flat for easy storage.

What's Included?
1 adjustable reading stand, user manual


  • Raise reading materials to eye-level and stop slouching with this ergonomic reading stand. Height Range: 0-21".
  • This ergonomic reading stand helps decrease page glare and reduce eye-strain. Panel rotates 360, locking every 15 degrees
  • Premium anodized aluminum panel is larger, more spacious, and looks amazing compared to cheaper alternatives.


  • HEIGHT RANGE = 2 to 21 in. (measured to the base of the panel)
  • PANEL ANGLE = rotates 360 degrees. Locks in 15-degree increments
  • PANEL WIDTH ~ 18 in. left-to-right X 10 in. front-to-back

Weight: 4 lbs

Material: Aluminum

Cleaning Instructions: wipe clean with a damp cloth