DAFNI SPECIAL OFFER Muse - Styling Hot Iron Brush

DAFNI SPECIAL OFFER Muse - Styling Hot Iron Brush

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Simple and easy-to-use, DAFNI muse™ Hair Styling Hot Brush is the little tool you didn’t know you needed.  

What DAFNI muse uniquely allows is the freedom to create a variety of looks for short to medium-length hair. 

Avoid the risk of burns because everything black remains safe to touch. Brush slowly with confidence from the roots in a pulling motion and rotate on the back of the brush to create beautiful bouncy waves. DAFNI muse heats to an optimal 365˚F to maintain your hair's integrity while effectively styling.

Easy to use - enables styling of multiple layers of hair in a single brush stroke making it less time-consuming. Just brush slowly to allow the heat to work.

Long lasting result - incorporates the most advanced hair care technologies that keep your hair looking better for longer.

Safer for your hair - keeps a constant 185°C (365°F), the optimal hair styling temperature for effective styling while protecting your hair from unnecessary damage. 

Anti-frizz - unique anti-static bristles eliminate frizz, so you can achieve silky and smooth results.

Safer usage - 3 layers of external bristles cover the heated ceramic surface to better protect you from burns and provide easy and safe usage. 

Redesigned Brush - gives extra control and promises a smoother and shinier finish that lasts longer.

How do I use my DAFNI muse? 

Begin with dry hair.
° Work in approximately 1-2" sections.
° Place the bristles starting at the root through your hair

For Smoothing
Brush slowly, making sure the hair gets deep inside the hot bristles 
° Repeat with the next section.

For bouncy waves
Place hair at the cool tip of the brush at an angle to avoid hair wrapping 
° Keeping brush in position near roots, rotate out so the hair wraps around the brush/ through the bristles. 
° Continue rotating brush until hair starts to wrap around the handle 
° Once all hair is rotated around the bristles, release curl.