Cup Captain 2-Pack ™ By Sharper Image® The Adjustable 2 in 1 Cup Holder

Cup Captain 2-Pack ™ By Sharper Image® The Adjustable 2 in 1 Cup Holder

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Cup Captain by Shaper Image – The 2-in-1 adjustable cup holder that doubles storage space with ease! Once inserted Cup Captain stays in place and can rotate 360 degrees for storage convenience. With its innovative lightweight yet sturdy design it has the strength to hold up to two pounds. The space-saving design allows you to hold two cups at the same time. The Cup Captain can be adjusted to fit any size cupholder, just twist and insert!

  • DOUBLES YOUR CUP HOLDERS – Cup Captain’s innovative design doubles your storage in seconds. Holding two cups at the same time makes storage and organization easy. Cup Captain holds 2 small cups or 1 large 32oz Cup! No longer will you have to worry about where to put your drinks, snacks, and so much more!
  • ADJUST FOR PERFECT SIZE – Cup Captain is designed to fit your cup holder just right, whether your cup is large or small it will fit every time! Its innovative design gives you the option to expand or contract the top piece to fit nearly any object. Cup Captain locks into your cup holder keeping your drinks and other items securely in place. Cup Captain has an adjustable base that fits most car cup, holders.
  • STURDY YET LIGHTWEIGHT – The innovative design makes Cup Captain sturdy enough to hold up to two pounds, yet light enough to be convenient for people on the go. Just add Cup Captain to your cup holder and watch your storage double.
  • ACCOMMODATES ALL ITEMS – Cup Captain is great for storing all of your everyday items. You will never have to worry about finding space for your belongings while driving again. Perfect for cups, bottles, food, gum, change, phones, and so much more!
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Cup Captain is hassle-free and very easy to install. The innovative design allows you to double your space in seconds. Just insert The Cup Captain in your existing cupholder and twist it into place for secure organization!