ESPRO SPECIAL OFFER Cappuccino Tasting Cup Set - Nutty Aroma

ESPRO SPECIAL OFFER Cappuccino Tasting Cup Set - Nutty Aroma

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Indulge in the ultimate coffee tasting experience with ESPRO's Aromatic Nutty Cappuccino Tasting Cup Set.

While aromatic cups are traditionally associated with enhancing tea flavors, ESPRO has ingeniously designed these cups to specifically elevate the nuances and complexities of coffee featuring nutty notes

Exceptional shape and composition, these cups magnify the delicate notes, subtle hints, and distinctive aromas found in coffee varieties with nutty flavor profiles, tantalizing your taste buds and enriching your overall enjoyment. As you savor your coffee from these remarkable cups, your senses are awakened, deepening your appreciation for the intricate flavors within each sip.

Immerse yourself in an enhanced tasting experience and make ESPRO's Aromatic Nutty Cappuccino Tasting Cup Set an indispensable companion for avid coffee enthusiasts. 

Includes two 6oz cappuccino cups