Calming Heat SPECIAL OFFER Sauna Wrap

Calming Heat SPECIAL OFFER Sauna Wrap

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Introducing Calming Heat™ Sauna Wrap, the ultimate personal & portable spa-like wrap. With the Calming Heat™ Sauna Wrap you can relax, burn calories and detoxify while you sweat. Refresh and rejuvenate your skin and muscles in the comfort of your own home. The one touch control lets you customize your sauna heat up to 150 degrees! 

  • FEEL RENEWED & REJUVENATED The Calming Heat Sauna Wrap delivers a portable spa-like experience. Soothing far infrared heat rejuvenates your body and mind while the heavy-duty material provides a cleansing sweat. The sauna wrap is versatile and perfect for at home use or use on any flat, heat resistant surface.
  • BURN CALORIES Turn up the heat and burn calories as you sweat. Far infrared heat helps rid your body of toxins through your sweat. The open-end design helps you breathe easier so you can relax and detoxify as you sweat.
  • LIE DOWN & RELAX Allow the far infrared heat to work its magic to help rejuvenate your body & mind. Lay your sauna wrap on a flat smooth surface, make sure it is a comfy place & you have a pillow or towel to rest your head on, you will be here for a while. Begin to preheat your sauna on a high setting for 5 min, while preheating put on your long sleeve comfy clothes. To begin start at level 3-5, slowly increase the heat settings to intensify your session. Relax in your sauna for up to 50 minutes
  • CLEAN & STORE WITH EASE Made with non-toxic, premium fabrics that are easy to clean. You can quickly and easily wipe down your sauna wrap after each use. We recommend cleaning with a cleaning wipe or towel with detergent. After cleaning, simply fold the sauna wrap into a compact, travel friendly size so you can take it on the go or store it away until your next session.
  • 24 RELAXING COMBINATIONS Calming Heat Sauna features 11 settings, 8 therapeutic heat settings and 3 levels of massaging vibrations. Customize your experience by incorporating different heat settings and vibrations for that perfect portable spa-like experience. The Sauna Wrap comes with a default 30-minute auto-off feature. this setting is adjustable in 15 minutes increments up to 4 settings for a total of 1 hour. The massage feature has a 15-minute auto-off. Take Relaxation to the next level.