ESPRO SPECIAL OFFER Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewing Kit

ESPRO SPECIAL OFFER Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewing Kit

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Experience the exceptional ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Kit and enjoy, quick, consistent drip coffee every morning.

Our patented micro-filter brewing system, with its unique spiral pattern and 1502 precision-cut holes, ensures even water distribution, unlocking the true flavors of your coffee.

Designed with purpose, every curve and bend of the Bloom Pour Over Brewer delivers delicious results. It solves the common issues of inconsistent flavor and slow extraction found in other pour over brewers.

The deep, flat brew bed and advanced micro-filter work together to optimize water flow and minimize brewing time. With meticulous attention to detail, from the stunning Fibonacci spiral to the thermal sleeve, our kit offers effortless brewing.

The Bloom Brewing Kit provides all you need for a balanced cup of coffee, guided by dot indicators on the spoon and glass carafe for perfect water-to-grounds ratio. Simplify your pour over experience with the ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Kit and savor consistently delicious coffee. 


  • Bloom Pour Over Brewer 
  • 50 Paper Filters 
  • Glass Carafe 
  • Measuring Spoon