Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Original

Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Original

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Meet the original award-winning, internet viral sensation hair tool that has revolutionized at-home hair styling and started it all. 

Want perfect, seamless mermaid waves without visiting a hairstylist? Meet the show-stopping Babe Waves Original Hair Waver!

Designed with technology to deliver salon-quality waves, the Babe Waves’ three 1-inch barrels create perfect mermaid waves in just minutes that stay crimp and crease-free all day long! Perfect for all hair lengths and textures (even hair that refuses to stay put).

No skill required, fast results, and a perfect wave every time!


✔ 1 Inch Barrel = Perfect Mermaid Waves

✔ 3 Barrel Design = No Skill Required

✔ Crease-Free Clamp = Natural-Looking Waves

✔ Ceramic Tourmaline = Shiny, Smooth, and Fast Results

✔ Extended Cord Length = Max Mobility

✔ Countertop Stand = Quick and Safe Access

✔ Cool Tips = Easy Handling and Maneuvering

✔ Velvet Touch Handle = Comfy Grip

✔ Digital Dial = Instant Heat Control

✔ Dual Voltage = Travel Ready

✔ Heats up to 450° = Choose Your Temp

The Details

Our Babe Waves Hair Waving Iron is a breakthrough styling technology that took the internet by storm. 

Babe Waves is a triple barrel iron with technology designed to create rippled, natural-looking, voluminous waves without the crimp or crease lines. It waves 4 inches of hair with each pass for quick and seamless results. It’s fitted with ceramic tourmaline plates to ensure the iron glides smoothly over your hair while providing even heat distribution.

Original Babe Waves is the smallest of the three sizes for the tightest waves. It’s perfect for all hair lengths (even chin length) and textures. Is your hair resistant to holding a style? Not anymore! It holds waves and curls for even a very resistant hair texture.

How To Use

  1. Set your Babe Waves to your optimal temperature and allow it to heat
  2. Section your hair into 4-5 inch width sections
  3. Brush through your hair to remove any knots
  4. Hold the Babe Waves at a 45° angle to create elongated waves around the face
  5. Clamp down in 4-inch sections, holding for 3-5 seconds
  6. Fully open the clamp and move down and repeat
  7. Continue steps 3-7 for each sectioned piece
  8. Allow hair to cool and set before brushing or further styling
  9. Add a serum for more defined waves

Pro Tip: Clamp down smaller sections for tighter waves or for resistant hair. Use larger sections for subtle, loose waves.